Don’t Think You Need to Buy Books by the Foot? Think Again.

Books by the Foot

by Tiffany Verbeck

Buying books one foot at a time might sound like a strange concept at first. You might wonder who could use this program or when it would be useful. Why would anyone need multiple feet of books?

We’ll show you 9 instances where Books by the Foot (BBTF) has made people’s lives and jobs way easier. Our valuable service is used by professionals like interior designers who need to finish a project efficiently and affordably while sticking to their color scheme.

As you may know, Books by the Foot is operated by Wonder Book, which runs a 110,000-square-foot warehouse full of books. While many of our 4 million selections has been previously owned, that’s not the case for all of them. In fact, we have several hundred thousand brand new titles, including a large selection of hardbacks.

And BBTF is growing in popularity—it was featured in the New York Times this May. We believe the demand stems from our #BookRescue mission: To find every book a home.

Can you benefit from ordering books by the linear foot? After reading this 9-part list, you might be clicking over to pick out a bundle of your own.

Interior Design
#SAVAGESalon: Atlanta Showroom: Style(s): Wrapped in White: Photo used with permission.

Many of our customers are interior designers and decorators who want to bring life into their spaces in a way that fits their aesthetic. Books are a perfect way to add personality to a nearly-completed space or a showroom. Designers like Reena Sotropa and SAVAGE Interior Design have utilized our service in the past.

Worried our books won’t match the specific style you’re after? Our collections come in solid colors like red, blue, earth tones, grays, and more. Our Designer Services team can also try to provide custom color options if you need a more specific tone. Or you can choose from one of our many color mixes like City Lights, Cherry Blossom, or Fade to Black.

Trendy Office Displays
Pinterest Logo: Style(s): Warm Red, Luscious Creams: Photo used with permission.

Your employees spend most of their waking hours at the office, and they want the office to be an enjoyable location to pass the hours. A cool, inviting office needs some sort of visual interest. Use our books to create an on-trend display in your office, like this one at Pinterest or this one at Stefan Beckman Studio.

Commercial Stores
Cole Haan: Style(s): We’ve Got the Blues, Warm Red, Golden Tones, Go Green, Burgundy Wine: Photo used with permission.

Are you in charge of designing window displays or indoor set-ups for large retail stores? Books can be used in many ways—as pedestals, props, or to add a pop of color. Whatever look you’re going for, we can help you get there.

Our Designer Services team has worked with stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, Cole Haan, and The Gap to customize their perfect indoor and window displays.

Restaurants or Wineries
Hy’s Steakshouse Calgary: Style(s): Distressed Vintage Cloth: Photo used with permission.

If you are designing or revamping your restaurant, winery, or brewery, a fast and affordable way to add sophistication to your space is through books. Reading material gives any dining area a feeling of home and comfort.

Our books have been featured in high-end restaurants like Hy’s Steakhouse in Calgary and L’Espalier in Boston.

Le Meridien Atlanta Perimeter: Style(s): Choose Your Color, Basic Black, Snow White: Photo used with permission.

Your hotel has clean sheets, a helpful staff, and a fantastic mini-bar, but it’s missing the charm. What can you do? Add some books. A bookshelf display in the lobby for visitors to peruse while they wait is a great addition to any hotel. Or add rows of books for décor around the dining room.

Our Designer Services team has worked with top-of-the-line hotels like Le Meridien Hotels in Paris and The Renaissance Hotel in D.C.

Coffee Shops
ForrestPerkins: Book Corner: Style(s): Choose Your Subject: Photo used with permission.

Everyone loves a good coffee shop. And you want your neighborhood shop to stand out among the competition. Do this by creating an appealing space where people want to stay (and buy that second or third cappuccino). Books are the simplest way to make a coffee shop feel like a settled in part of the town, even if it’s brand new.

Instant Libraries
Cooking Library: Style(s): Cooking (sorted by color). Photo used with permission.

Did you buy a new home? Move into a different office? Have a vacation home that you want to feel occupied? We can help you create inexpensive yet impressive book displays in any of these locations. Other places BBTF can be useful is senior living facilities, club rooms, and people too busy to build up their personal libraries.

School Libraries or Community Centers

If you run a school library, a community center, a church, or any other locale that would appreciate a variety of books, we have what you need. For school libraries, check out the Children’s Boxes at BBTF that offer a rich array of different kids’ books. While you won’t be able to choose exact titles that go into each box, each one is a unique blend of books that kids love. Additionally, take a look at our many other subjects that range from crafts to mysteries to literature.

Set Design and Props
Castle Rock
Castle Rock: Style(s): Well-Read Classics: Photo used with permission.

For people who work designing sets for plays, television shows, or movies, BBTF is an easy option to fill those empty walls. You can choose the style to match your design. Working on a television show that takes place in the 1940s? Try one of our vintage collections. Or need props that your actors can read on set? Check out our many styles.

Television series like Stephen King’s Castle Rock and Meet the Press have ordered from BBTF in the past. Best of all? We don’t charge any extra shipping fees on top of the standard shipping rate.

Pricing starts at $6.99 per linear foot.

So what are you waiting for?

Although our books are previously owned, everything we add to Books by the Foot is in very good or new condition. The only exception is a collection that is meant to look worn, which will be clearly noted.

Whether you need to design a set, an open house, or a library for your summer home in Maine, you can trust that Books by the Foot will have what you need.

To work with us to build your dream space, contact our Designer Services team today.

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