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Wonder Book buys ALL Books, Movies, and Music every day from 10am to 6pm at our retail stores, no appointment needed.

Simply park next to the Wonder Book vehicle in our parking lot. Come let us know you want to sell us items. A buyer will come out to your vehicle to complete the buy. (Do not bring your items into the store.)

Unlike other bookstores, we accept all of the items you bring, including hardcovers, paperbacks, LPs/records, DVDs, Blu-rays, video games, software, and CDs. Please do not bring in VHS, audio cassettes, magazines, or ex-library items.

Buying Van
Buying van at stores.

We pay cash or store credit for your entire collection. We cannot provide estimates or appraisals over the phone. We can sometimes evaluate books via images emailed to Customer Service. Our buyers will examine your collection at your vehicle and make a cash offer on the entire lot. They can only make an offer after seeing your items in person.

Our buyers base their offer on how common your items are, their popularity, and their condition. We receive 100,000s of items each month. The value of common, modern books/movies/music is very low. We are often only able to offer a few dollars per filled “box” (copy paper box size or larger.) So what we pay per item may be very low, but we will make an offer on everything you bring!

An offer made at one time may differ from offers made at other times. If you chose not to sell your items to Wonder Book, our buyers will provide you with other possible outlets.

Pallets of Buys
Pallets of buys come in daily.

For valuable collections or large collections of 1,000+ books, we may make house calls. We also purchase large quantities from schools, libraries, institutions (including remnants from charity sales)—both regionally and internationally. For more information, please contact Customer Service.

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Wonder Book operates 3 large retail stores in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area.

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