COVID-19 Response

Current Status
Retail Store Hours:
Normal, see retail page for details
Website Shipping Time:
Currently shipping but delivery may be delayed 1 to 3 days.
Store pick up available at all retail locations.
Some International shipments delayed until after the COVID-19 crisis (depending on destination country).

Wonder Book’s highest priority is the health, safety, and well being of our staff, customers, and community. We hope you and your family stays safe during this time, and thank you for your patience and understanding. Thank you for being supportive of Wonder Book and other small businesses during this time!

Retail Stores: No-Touch Book/Music/Movie/etc. Buying Rules
  • Most buys we can only offer a few dollars per box (common modern titles). Offer may be as low as $1 per box.
  • If you accept this offer:
    • Unload your boxes by the Wonder Book vehicle.
    • If inclement weather, contact us before unloading.
  • Come inside or call store to tell us you are here.
  • We will come out to inspect your items from a distance and complete the buy.
  • Please do NOT unload unless you accept our offer.
  • Donations may also be left at the Wonder Book vehicle.
  • If you feel you may have collectible books, feel free to email us.

Retail Stores: Curbside Services Available: Website orders, Rentals
  • To place your curbside order:
    • Website: Shop online then wait until store calls to say your order has arrived.
    • Rentals: Call store to place your order.
  • When picking up, call store and provide your info.
  • A customer service representative will bring your order to your car.
  • Return rentals in door drop slot. All rentals will be disinfected upon return.

Other Retail Store COVID-19 Safety Rules for Customers
  • Masks are required. If needed, purchase for $2.00.
  • Each person/family must check in with the customer service representative at the front.
  • Sanitizing supplies are available near the front and by the bathrooms.
  • Only one person/family per aisle.
  • Keep 6ft apart from others. Look for our guides marking 6ft.
  • Bathrooms are closed to the public.
  • Remain home if you or members of your household are showing flu-like symptoms.
  • Other steps Wonder Book is taking:
    • Routinely cleaning and disinfecting throughout the day and before/after store hours.
    • Opening up space throughout our stores.
    • Installing sneeze guards around our counters.
    • Station a customer service representative at the front door to limit capacity to 15 people/families.
    • Actively monitoring WHO, CDC, Health Department, Maryland, and County recommendations.

Specifics About Our Retail Store Reopenings

Protect yourself and loved ones. Help prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • Frequently wash your hands for 20s.
  • Cover coughs/sneezes with tissues or sleeves.
  • Keep 6ft apart from others.
  • Stay home and call your doctor if you experience COVID-19 symptoms.

Detailed Guidelines for Employees

With the emergence and spread of COVID-19, we have made adjustments in our daily procedures and expectations. We are actively monitoring WHO, CDC, Health Department, Maryland, and County recommendations and adapting as new information becomes available.  Over the crisis we have been taking the following actions:

Current COVID-19 Safety Rules for Employees

  • ONE TOUCH PER DAY: All items are only to be touched by one person per day.
    • Orders, carts, stations, etc. cannot be touched by multiple people in a single day.
    • e.g. Orders are pulled then dropped off in the new order area with pull date on the cart, then the following day those orders will be handled by shippers. Adders will not add books sorters have handled that day. Etc.
    • If in doubt, clean object down before using.
  • Do not come into work if you are sick.
  • If you or someone living with you might have COVID-19, contact your manager as soon as possible.
  • Do not come closer than 6 ft to another person.
    • Only one employee is allowed per aisle. When pulling, skip that aisle and return when clear.
    • When employees are passing one another, they must leave minimum 6-ft social distance space.
  • Practice social distancing when not working.
  • During work hours, all doors (both outside and inside) must be propped open to prevent touching of common surfaces.
  • To clock in, employees should use their cell phones if possible.
  • Starting 4/16, all employees must wear facemasks while working.
    • Wonder Book will have some cloth masks but feel free to bring your own facemasks.
    • Employees are responsible for cleaning their own facemasks every day.
  • Stay in your specific department unless you have specific permission.
    • e.g. If you are a puller or adder or customer service, do not go into shipping or BBTF.
    • Ask permission if there is a special need.
    • Wash your hands often with soap and water for 20s then dry thoroughly. Times to always wash your hands:
      • After blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.
      • After using the bathroom.
      • Before eating or preparing food.
      • After contact with animals or pets.
      • Before and after providing routine care for another person (e.g. a child.)
      • After removing disposable gloves.
    • Water coolers are currently not operational to prevent touching of common surfaces.
      • Wonder Book will have some bottled water but feel bring your own.
    • Break rooms are currently closed to prevent touching of common surfaces.
      • When we get refrigerators/microwaves per department, these must be cleaned before and after use.
      • Until then, you will not have access to refrigerators or microwaves.
    • All employees must clean their station at least 3 times during each shift:
      • At start of shift
      • After lunch
      • At end of shift
      • Stations must also be wiped down between personnel changes. (e.g. shipping)
    • Carts must be cleaned by employee after use with cleaning solution and paper towels.
    • Bathrooms and other common areas must be cleaned daily. (Managers will assign.)
    • Proper cleaning procedure:
      • (Always wear disposable gloves while cleaning.)
      • Spray on cleaning solution.
      • Leave on cleaning solution for 60s.
      • Wipe off cleaning solution with paper towel.
      • Throw away paper towel.
      • If you need cleaning supplies, let management know.
    • Each station will have its own cleaning supplies.
      • Employees without set stations will have their own as well.
    • Gloves must be worn when taking out trash.
    • When wearing gloves, never touch your face. Also, never touch anything handled with gloves using bare skin.
    • If an employee violates these rules, they will receive one warning. Further infractions will result in being sent home.
    • Warehouse Specific Rules
      • Shipping gates must remain open during work hours.
      • Clean carts will be moved to designated area before the first shift of the day.
    • Store Specific Rules
      • Please consult the retail customer rules.

* “Specific to the warehouse on Tilco Drive in Frederick, this may be reopened. Per Interpretive Guidance document #4 issued by the Governor’s Office of Legal Counsel on March 23, “warehousing and distribution companies” are among those businesses in the transportation sector which may remain open, according to section 2.m.ix of this document.”

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