My Mom Used to Say…2020 Update

Printing Press Painting

I think yesterday was the first time in 167 Fridays a new blog couldn’t be finished. I took too long writing. Maybe we will do two next week.

It has been a dreary week of paperwork, bankers and lawyers. I signed my name to dozens of forms. We refinanced the loan on the warehouse. We bought the property in 2013. I’ve managed to pay down about hald the principle. My brain hurts. My soul is drained. But apparently we are good for 10 more years! 2030! What will it all be like then?

This story is from 2017. I was reminded of it yesterday when a cache of Alice books from this buy appeared in research Annika was doing.

I bet most of you never read this anyway! So here you go:

My Mom Used to Say the Difference Between a Collector and a Hoarder Was…

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